Meet The Team

James Clark

Jim has been active in mineral exploration and research for almost 40 years, and has been a Research Associate in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at McGill University since 1991. His current interests include the mineralogy, geochemistry and genesis of Archean gold deposits, epithermal and porphyry-related mineralization, and active geothermal systems, and the development of exploration tools such as indicator minerals for hydrothermal ore deposits. In addition to his work at McGill, in recent years Jim has also had positions with Osisko Mining Corp. (Research Geologist) and Cygnus Consulting Inc. (Director, Research Services). While with Cygnus, Jim provided exploration-oriented research and technical consulting services to dozens of clients around the world. Past industry projects focused on diamonds (especially indicator mineral analyses), and the mineralogy of orogenic and intrusion-related Au, porphyry Cu-Au, and epithermal Au-Ag deposits, as well as studies relating to REE, Zn-Pb and HTD-hosted hydrocarbons, Ni-PGE, and ilmenite-rutile chemistry and Ti metallurgy. At Aurum, Jim coordinates research services including petrographic, mineralogical and geometallurgical studies, custom-designed to solve exploration- and development-related problems. Jim is a registered Professional Geologist (PGeo) through the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario and the Professional Engineers and Geoscientists Newfoundland and Labrador.

Karel Maly

Karel holds an MSc and Doctorate from Charles University in Prague and joined Aurum in March 2006. Prior to this he worked on many different projects for the Czech Geological Survey and Czech Academy of Science. As a geologist for Aurum, Karel worked in many European and African countries with climates ranging from the cold winters in central Europe, through the hot, humidity of the Republic of Congo to the dry heat of the Nubian desert in Northern Sudan. He specializes in setting up grassroots projects in remote areas and advancing them to the drilling and resource calculation stage, in exploration for gold, base metals, iron ore, uranium, PGE’s, pegmatites, REE minerals, lithium and placer hosted minerals. Most recently he was exploration manager for a large iron ore project in Ghana.

Graham Parkin

Graham Parkin holds a 1st Class BSc(Hons) in Geoscience from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. He joined Aurum after graduating in July 2007, and has gained experience in Africa, Europe and the Middle East ranging from grass roots to resource definition on projects including; vein hosted gold; ultra basic platinum and PGE’s; base metals; uranium; and industrial minerals such as sedimentary hosted phosphates and gypsum. In 2012 Graham served as the President of the Irish Association for Economic Geology. He is a member of the Society of Economic Geologists.

Jessica Sharkey

Jessica has been with the company for over 9 years and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the office, business accounts and company payroll. She assists the managing director /directors with the day-to-day operation of Aurum.

Steven Downey

Steven has over 20 years experience as both an Exploration Geologist and GIS Specialist in the exploration and mining industry.  As the Information Technology (IT)/Geographical Information System (GIS) Manager with Aurum Exploration Services,  Steven has specific experience in data management which includes the capture, maintenance, quality control and manipulation of spatial and non-spatial data. With a strong background in data validation, processing, analysis and interpretation using Geographic Information Systems, including ArcGIS for Desktop and MapInfo Professional (with Discover, Discover3D and Discover Mobile), Steven has used 3D visualization and modelling integrating and presenting geological information using Surpac XPLORpac Edition, Leapfrog and Fledermaus (hydrographic and marine software).