Exploration Companies Conduct Airborne Surveys With Minimal Disruption Thanks to Aurum


Project Date: Ongoing

Project Location: Ireland, UK, France

Project Duration: Ongoing

Services Used: Airborne Surveys


– Aurum provided support to clients conducting low-level airborne surveys including a programme of mandatory dissemination of information
– Aurum’s Outreach Strategy aims to inform key stakeholders, landowners and the general public in the area of the survey project. We liaise with the regulatory authorities on behalf of the client and provide a website and Information line telephone support services to deal with queries
– Our team has helped a number of companies complete airborne surveys while maintaining good community relations within the area and achieving minimal distruption to the public


The challenge on this type of project is always about disseminating important information in the community ahead of the survey, so that the key stakeholders, such as horse owners, stud farms and farmers are adequately notified.

As the timing of the work is tied to the availability of the airborne contractor, along with the relevant aviation and environmental permits, excellent communication and project management is essential.


The Aurum team implemented an outreach strategy to ensure that the Airborne Surveys can be carried out without delay to the project or undue disruption to residents in the area.


  • Aurum examined the area with the client and airborne contractor and agreed the proposed timing and potential hazards that will be faced
  • Aurum developed an outreach strategy based on the time available and the key stakeholders within the area. Slightly different approaches were required, depending on the size of the survey area, the flying height and the size of the aircraft
  • Consultation was undertaken with government departments and regulators. Information on the survey was provided to all key groups such as the police, local authorities and military
  • A combination of focussed mailshot, media advertising and personal visits identified all key stakeholders
  • A website was set up to provide an information hub for both the client and those interested in the survey. This provided daily updates on progress. Emergency plans were also put in place to handle queries, complaints and possible incidents on the ground that could result from the survey
  • An Information line was manned throughout the survey to keep all parties updated


A successful outreach programme is one where the key stakeholder are all aware of the survey work and good consultation and communication are maintained throughout. This helped to minimise complaints and queries.

The clients benefited from not having to worry about queries and potential problems with the authorities, stakeholders or the general public. The survey was executed quickly and with minimal disruption or delays, which could have resulted in the survey aircraft being held on stand-by.

Aurum helped the clients develop and maintain good relationships with landowners within the survey area, which reduced the possibility of negative publicity and benefited community relations as the exploration project developed.