GIS Services

3D modelling and resource estimation

Aurum’s Geographical Information System (GIS) and data capture services can help you unlock the potential of both new and dormant spatial data

We offer a complete data service to our clients, from legacy data assessments, data capture, appropriate quality assured/quality controlled (QA/QC) data verification, to integration into a coherent and validated spatial database.

  • Scanning and digitization of map data
  • Tabular and text data input
  • Creation and maintenance of verified map, drilling and sampling databases
  • Compilation, integration and refinement of data from various sources into a single data product
  • Quality Control
  • Processing of data using GIS techniques and geological software
  • Map, plan and section generation and plotting

All data projects are managed and conducted by experienced economic geologists. They are fully trained in the application of computer technology to mineral exploration, to ensure highest quality data analysis for improved target generation and exploration design.

For further information contact Schalk.