Central Midlands Orefield, Ireland: Carbonate-hosted Zinc

Adventus Exploration Ltd. (AEL) was formed in partnership with Callinan Royalties, now wholly-owned by Altius, in 2012. AEL pursued a strategy of developing technically and commercially credible zinc targets to support a “conveyer belt” generative portfolio focused on the Irish ore-field for Waulsortian-hosted or Pale Beds-hosted zinc and SSC deposits in the Munster Basin. Structurally-driven exploration for Irish-type carbonate-hosted Zn-Pb-Ag deposits was conducted by an Irish-based team from Aurum Exploration Services – supported by nationally and globally recognized structural, geophysical, geochemical and stratigraphic specialist expertise.

The zinc business of AEL was purchased by Adventus Zinc Corp. (TSX.V: ADZN) in 2017 which currently hold exploration rights and explores over 1950km2 (195,000 hectares) of Ireland’s prospective Limerick Basin and the SW Irish ore-field on five blocks (62 licences) targeting the countries three primary mineralized trends. Adventus operates two advanced grassroots (drill ready) – Rathkeale & Lismore, and three developing Waulsortian Mudbank Limestone hosted zinc-lead sulphide targets – Fermoy, Charleville and Millstreet.

Lead project Rathkeale lies immediately west of Glencore’s Pallas Green project and the contiguous Stonepark project (Group Eleven) within what technical consultants Aurum Exploration Services (Aurum) consider to be a superior extensional regime (much reduced intrusive activity) potentially more conducive to the formation of larger, coherent mineralized bodies. A new structural interpretation at Rathkeale, using high-resolution 2D seismic surveying, brought about a paradigm shift in the understanding of the area’s potential, and resulted in the identification of six drill-ready target areas with geochemical/geophysical support to the west along strike of structures related to orebodies on the neighboring Pallas Green project – Tobermalug deposit 44.2 Mt @ 7.2% zinc & 1.2% lead (Glencore 2017 Resources and Reserves Report) and the Stonepark project – 5.3 Mt @ 8.6% zinc & 2.6% lead (Group Eleven Resources Corp. & Connemara Mining Company plc.).

At Lismore detailed geological re-interpretation by Aurum resulted in two further drill-ready Waulsortian target zones below a previously unidentified Viséan cover, proximal to extensional structures and immediately adjacent to low-grade, zinc-sulphide bearing dolomitized rock matrix Waulsortian breccias (39m @ 1.75% Zn in historical drill hole 1556/5) which are similar to those encountered at Silvermines and Lisheen.

Recent Adventus basement terrane studies by Aurum, have resulted in a shift of explorational focus to the south-west of the Irish Orefield with the addition of the Fermoy, Charleville and Millstreet blocks to augment Adventus Zinc Corp. ground positions and initial targeting studies are underway on all three blocks for Zn-Pb-Ag & Cu-Co-Ag mineralization. Situated immediately to the west of the Lismore these blocks form an essentially contiguous east-west block of important strategic interest on the Killarney-Mallow Fault Zone, and associated splays. These new areas have historically been considered mainly for copper potential with similar geology and structure to the adjacent Tullacondra (3 Mt @ 0.7% Cu, 29 g/t Ag) and proximal Aherlow (5.5Mt @0.89% Cu, 40g/t Ag) Cu-Ag deposits, with the potential for Irish-type zinc-lead mineralization being under-explored or entirely unexamined.