West Cork, Ireland: Sediment-Hosted Copper

Adventus Exploration Limited (AEL) holds 100% of the 114,000 hectares West Cork licence block in SW County Cork, Ireland. First Quantum Minerals under an Earn-in & JV Agreement have been conducting staged regional targeting via geochemical sampling, mapping and geophysical surveys on behalf of AEL. The work completed to date has been highly encouraging identifying areas for secondary follow up prior to potential drill testing of targets.

The block lies within the South Munster Basin and AEL considered the area to possess the criteria required to form a sediment-hosted, stratiform copper deposit based on studies of geology, mineralization, stratigraphy, and structure.  Particularly prospective areas were considered to occur along an inferred fluid pathway situated along, and up-plunge, into folds through and from a NW-SE transverse structure between the Sheeps Head and Glandore basinal highs. The principal target is for sediment-hosted Cu-Ag deposits comprising interbedded mineralized sandstones, and possibly high-grade quartz veins with Cu-Ag(-Au-Se), which is comparable to several other world-class SSC deposits (e.g. Dzhezkazgan in Kazakhstan, or Udokan in Russia).

Disseminated bornite and secondary malachite in grey green sandstone float from wall at the Coosheen Mine area, West Carbery.