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Aurum Exploration, is a renowned mineral exploration consultancy company, delivering high quality, professional and innovative geological services to the global mineral exploration industry.

At Aurum we pride ourselves in developing dynamic, flexible and cooperative partnerships with our clients to ensure their exploration project is a success. Our long-standing clients return to us again and again to leverage our vast experience, expertise and knowledge as we deliver a full spectrum of exploration services in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.



Aurum offers a comprehensive suite of exploration services including Exploration Management Geological & Technical Field Services, Target & Project Generation and GIS for our clients in their operations throughout Africa, the Middle East and Europe (including Arctic regions).


Internationally recognised mineral exploration consultancy group with over 23 years working continuously with trusted clients in the public and private sector.

We have successfully designed, implemented & managed a large number of global exploration programmes & surveys.
We have an experienced team of professional Geologists, GIS & Technicians, with deep knowledge and expertise in a wide range of commodities and deposits.
We have experience in working in remote and diverse locations, providing logistical support and with operational oversight.

Our Clients


Our Company

  Our Company

Since its foundation in, 2002 Aurum has become a renowned, global provider of high-quality, cost-effective contract exploration, target generation and exploration management services to international mining and exploration clients in a wide variety of geological settings and deposit types.

As well as being a reputable and accomplished exploration service provider Aurum has evolved as an innovative, driven and successful project generator for battery metals, zinc-lead, copper-nickel and gold.

Our management and exploration teams have the experience, expertise and personnel to provide you with a full spectrum of exploration services in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

  Our Future

As a project generator Aurum continues to develop a portfolio of projects via independent generative work and also through existing and new co-operative partnerships. Major exploration work will be funded by creating joint-venture partnerships or companies with third parties.in return for cash payments in the form of option agreement payments, operatorship and management fees (to recoup development costs), or share issuances in the case of a joint venture company formation.

  Your Career

Create the future with us! Become part of our motivated and powerful teams with various development and career chances as well as projects needing your drive as well as your geological acumen and passion!

We are constantly looking for people who share the same values and passion as we do. Together we want to shape the future of Aurum , as one team striving together for success. Together we carry forward the goals of the company, working jointly in harmony to ensure sustainable company growth.

Please email your CV to careers@aurumexploration.com.

Our Resources

  Our Library

Access our industry perspectives and insight, as well as details on our company, our staff’s capabilities and our recent exploration projects in our Case Studies.

  Industry Insights/Blog

Visit our blog to read our opinions on the latest industry trends.

  Our Partnerships

We collaborate with a network of core service providers to provide our clients with an end-to-end spectrum of exploration services.


Our Responsibilities

  Health and Safety at Aurum

Aurum has developed, and is continuously implementing, a comprehensive Safety Management Programme in compliance with its obligations under The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 and any additional Regulations, Approved Codes of Practice and Guidance.

All our staff adhere strictly to our Health and Safety procedures and we are proud to have an excellent Safety record. As a company, we are committed to effectively managing safety and as a result we have adopted a “Work Safely Every Time” concept to ensure that Safety remains a key focus of all management, employees and Contractors.

Aurum personnel, please click here to log in to our dedicated Health & Safety Site.

  Our Commitment to the Environment

As Geologists we appreciate the pressures on our planet’s limited natural resources and the challenges of economic pace and change require prompt and concerted action from us all. We are committed to proactively caring for the environment and conducting our activities in an environmentally responsible way.

It is our policy to fully comply with environmental legislation, with a particular focus on best practice waste management systems, the promotion of recycling, and diversion of waste from landfills. We have developed an Environmental Policy which outlines our commitment to the environment in more detail, which is available upon request.